“Somewhere out there- V. 2016”
A production by House Peace.

Script Home-Young Chen 
Jing Wu
Scenography Yi-Ju Chou
Techinical Design Chung-Yuan Chen 
Light Hsia-Ning Wu
Costume Lionel Liu
Performing Jing-Wu & Shu-Han Lin
Producing Lin-Chiuan Wei
Sound Shih-Hsuan Yang 

Premiere 16.08.2016. Taipei Fringe Festival
Polymer, Taipei.

photo credit  Nannan Chen

The script takes place in an abandoned building, where two middle-school students have made it their secret hideaway. Their souls were put into one another’s bodies by mistake, and they discuss how to switch them back, only to find out that the only way is through committing suicide and reincarnating in Pluto. The venue, which is at the top floor of an apartment building, is painted with vibrant colors with a touch of innocence and mixed with visual symbols of urban Taiwan, as well as some symbolic paintings of gender and life and death. It incorporates elements in the original building into the stage design, creating a room interwoven with not only a reality of space but also the magical imagination of the virtual world, exhibiting the conflicts between the innocence of the youth and frustration of real life. In one scene, the lights under the wooden platform all come on, creating a floating effect. The stage becomes the spaceship in the galaxy, soaring towards Pluto.