Scenography, visual art, collective work.

Computer knowledge:
AutoCAD, SketchUp, Premier, Ps, Id, Ai, Lighting Console ETC.

Language level:
German: Good knowledge, English: Fluent,
Taiwanese/Mandarin(Chinese): First language.

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Bühnenbild M.A.
MA thesis: "How do theatrical moments and the daily experience emphasize each other?"

Very Mainstream Studio, Taipei, Internship.

Taipei National University of the Arts, Set Design B.F.A.

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Scenography/ Matters of Rhythm.
(23-25.02.2024, Tanzplattform Deutschland, Freiburg. &
  01-02.03.2024, FOKUS TANZ #10 SORRY NOT SORRY, Kampnagel Hamburg.)

Light/ What keeps us busy? From: Robert Schulz (06.-07.03.2024, SENECA INTENSIV.)

Light/ Retina Maneuver. Artist: Wang Ping-Hsiang. (19.02.2024. The Expo festival, English Theatre Berlin.)


Touring light operator/ Fists to Flowers. From: Yotam Peled. Light: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo. (25.-26.11.2023, boat-people-projekt Göttingen.)

Exhibition/ Translating Adorn<3. With Frederike Maas. (15.-17.11.2023, lathouse Zürich.)

Touring light operator/ Fists to Flowers. From: Yotam Peled. Light: Hanna Kritten Tangsoo. (29.-30.09.2023, LOFFT - DAS THEATER Leipzig.)

Residency/ from&with Artist: Wang Ping-Hsiang. (09.2023, PACT Zollverein.)

Exhibiting consultant/ KaDeWCD. From: Working Class Daughters. (01.07. – 17.09.2023, Glass Barriers, Galerie im Saalbau Berlin.)

Light/ KONDENSAT. (06.07.2023, SENECA INTENSIV.)

Scenography assist/ Kannst du pfeifen, Johanna. From: Lea Burkhalter & Anton v. Bredow (Premiere 24.02.2024, opera stabile, Staatsoper Hamburg.)

Scenography assist/ SCHMERZ CAMP. From: Anton v. Bredow (Premiere 11.2023, Kleines Haus, Theater Bremen.)

Scenography/ Matters of Rhythm. From: Rita Mazza (Premiere 05.2023, Uferstudios Berlin.)

Scenography/ Lesung YALLAH SALON. From: Salon der Perspektiven (09.03.2023, Lettrétage Berlin.)

Scenography/ STEEL. From: Kristina Kusmina Dreit (Premiere 20.01.2023, ada Uferstudios Berlin.)


Scenography/ revision. Beobachtungen aus dem Saal 165 C. From: Romanowski/Schilling/Stamer/calendal --- Big Image Collective. (Premiere 17.11.2022, Mousonturm Frankfurt.)

Scenography/ ANAL.IZANDO. From: ronald berger. (Premiere 29.09.2022, Ballhaus Ost Berlin.)

Light/ Performers Rule: Rest-Zeit-Story Sorry. (Premiere 16.06.2022, Pfauen-Kammer Zürich.)

Co-Scenography/ The rules of the game. Choreographer and performer: Eva leemans. (Researching project, living room Berlin.)

Lighting technical support/ SUBJECT: YOU/ME/US, by Elly Jarvis & Lilli Strakerjahn. (Berliner Ringtheater, in Kooperation with/ Alte Münze Berlin.

Assist/ Der Pilzkurs - Eine Begegnung in mehreren Akten. Artist: Elisabeth Fritsch (ZHdK)

Co-Scenography/ Dystopia Wetlands. Artist: Livia Rita & Avantgardeners Collective.

Co-Scenography/ IKAN HYU concert, Openair am Greifensee 2021.

Light/ NULLPUNKT, exhibition of AG Theater, Rämibühl School.

Graphic Design for Abendblatt/ AUFMERKSAMKEITSDEFIZIT HYPERAKTIVITÄTSSTÖRUNG oder: Ein Resonanzkörper im Raum, by the raucous babies (ZHdK, Diploma 21).

Scenography/ it's time i be me now (tea table session), Artist: IKAN HYU. MV (Winterthur).

Collective/ Delay - virtual poem edition for a digital audience, with Timo Raddatz. Bühne A (ZHdK, Diploma 21).

Curating/ @kinkygirlsdontcry- mandarin podcast, with Fen Hsu & Xian Zhong & Wen-Chi Liu. (Spotify).

Light/ FeLionix - Orchestral Experience LIVE @MEHRSPUR 2020. Artist: Felionix. Mixing: Michael Leber. Mehrspur(ZHdK)

Scenography & Light/ Herr der Ringe, with Joel Kammermann & Zarah Mayer. Bühne A (ZHdK).

Scenography/ Cycles, DJ: Dimitri de Perrot & Sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit). Konzertsaal 1 (ZHdK).

Light/ Wem gehört der Schnee?. Directing: Si-Yo Liu. Producing: Ananasli. Theater Stadelhofen.

Light/ Prima la musica, Directing: Annette Uhlen. Scenography: Tim Goossens. Limmathall (ZHdK).

Scenography & Light/ Rapunzel, Directing: Bernadette Köbele. Mehrspur (ZHdK).

Scenography assist/ resten, Artist: Sonja Berta. Film (ZHdK).

Scenography assist/ Liangzhu concert, Scenography: Ke-Hua Lin. Grand Theatre in Zhejiang Conservatory of Music (Hangzhou, China).

Collective/ Goddess descend - V. LOVE, with Ying-Chu Wu. Street in Taipei. Nuit Blanche Taipei.

Outsider eyes/ Xero Xerco, with Ng-Chi Wai, DJ: JIИ. Artalley Cafe (Taipei, Taiwan).

Collective/ 3: 周易儒、郭育圻、姚辰穎, with Ying-Chu Wu. Artalley Cafe, Taipei Fringe Festival.

Scenography/ Snake man, with Yi-Chu Lee. Umay Theater (Taipei, Taiwan).

Scenography assist/ Experimental Actors Studio, @lan.ling.cw. Directing: Shih-Chieh Chin (Collective). Scenography: Ke-Hua Lin. National Performing Arts Center (Taipei, Taiwan)/ National Centre for the Performing Arts (Peking, China).

Scenography/ HOUSING. Directing: Jin-Wei Zhuang. T205, TNUA (Taipei, Taiwan).

Scenography assist/ Urban Shepherd. Artist: Triple Deer. Scenography: Jo-Jo Hung. MV (Taipei, Taiwan).

Scenography/ Male dormitory. Directing: Harry Ng. Taipei Polymer. Taipei Fringe Festival.

Scenography/ Somewhere out there. Directing: Jing Wu. Umay theater. Taipei Fringe 10-Year Glory Restagings.

Collective/ See Sound Mountain, with Ying-Chu Wu. Apartment in Danshui (Taipei, Taiwan).

Scenography/ Closer. Directing: Jing Wu. T305, TNUA (Taipei, Taiwan).

Scenography/ Sea. Directing: Li-Li Hsu. T305, TNUA (Taipei, Taiwan).

Collective/ Goddess descend, with Ying-Chu Wu. Streets in Taipei.

Art directing assist (opening ceremony)/ International Film Festival&Awards, Macao. Art directing: Ke-Hua Lin. Macao Cultural Centre.

Scenography/ Somewhere out there. Directing: Jing Wu. Tainan Beda Cultural & Educational Center/ Geyiran Gallery (Tainan, Taiwan).

Scenography assist/ Tang Xian-Zu. Scenography: Ke-Hua Lin. Tang Xianzu's Grand Theatre in Fuzhou City (Fuzhou, China).

Scenography/ Somewhere out there. Directing: Jing Wu. Taipei Polymer (Taipei Fringe Festival), Award: Yong Zhen Future Star Award.

Assist/ After a Beep, Directing: Tung-Yen Chou. Artist: Peggy Hsu. Producing: Isaac Chen.  Taoyuan Arts Center (Taoyuan, Taiwan).

Scenography assist/ The Company Thanks You, Directing: Huan-hsiung Li (Mr.Wing Theatre Company). National Experimental Theatre (Taipei, Taiwan).

Assist/ Taipei-Copenhagen, Directing: Tung-Yen Chou. Quanta Hall (Taoyuan, Taiwan).