“See Sound Mountain
A performance by Ying-Chu Wu and Yi-Ju Chou.

Concept Ying-Chu Wu & Yi-Ju Chou
Music HighCC

Performing HighCC & Ying-Chu Wu & Yi-Ju Chou
Light Ray Tseng

Premiere 07.2017   
A rooftop addition in Taipei

photo credit Hsia-Ning Wu & Wei-Zong Yang

are formed  by volcanism
and continental drift. There is no common
definition of a mountain. Height, volume, steepness, distance
between mountains have all been chosen as ways to define a mountain.
: “Lived through it all in a dream. Don’t know what to do in real life.”
: “Haha, but you have to be alive to continue dreaming.”

“See Sound Mountain” is a stage play that invites the audience to participate in the actors’ process of “attempting to recreate a certain state of experience”.

Two actors are placed in the same space for a given amount of time and create (or enter) both physical and formless states. The audience may take part in the play by entering the living space (as in the stage).

We lived in the venue for two whole weeks. During the rehearsal process, we kept going back and forth between “the role”, “the artist”, and “the audience”, wandering and doubting. Our promotion text usually consists of ambiguous phrases, for we want the audience to feel confused about the play before the performance. We believe the most satisfying way to watch a play is to receive the “complete experience” only when one is in the moment of the play, and can walk away with the information that one desires. (This is a non verbal performance. Two women perform everyday actions until two men show up singing in the very end. The two women fall asleep on the stage after completing the last of their actions.)

漂移, 沒有普遍接受的於對山的定義。
高度、 體積、坡度、和其他山的間隔及連續生都曾用來作為定義山的方式。