“Goddess descend
A performative walk by Ying-Chu Wu and Yi-Ju Chou.

Concept Ying-Chu Wu & Yi-Ju Chou
Performing Ying-Chu Wu & Yi-Ju Chou & Shu-Han Lin
Costume Ze-Yu Chen
Light for Costume Cheng-Tong Ung

31.12.2016 - 01.01.2017   

photo credit Fen Hsu & Hsia-Ning Wu

We chose the special moment of New Year’s Eve to carry out this movement.
For us, the movement serve as a means of entertainment as well as an observation. New Year’s Eve is defined as the end of one year and beginning of the next; most people are in a state of optimism and contentment on this day.

We fabricated a deity “Niang Niang” among the Taiwanese public. At the same time, we created a ceremony that everyone can take part in. When people are following the steps of the ceremony, are they immersing themselves in the falsified image of the deity due to the “rules” that we have made up?

The ceremony involves three people: Niang Niang and two helpers. Niang Niang is the deity (She will be dressed to look as if she’s a famous life-saving Goddess in Taiwan), and the helpers are worshippers who will come in contact with the public. Niang Niang will change into costumes during the New Year’s Eve fireworks countdown and start parading the streets when the fireworks end.

The photographer will station himself while the Niang Niang and the helpers commence the fabricated ceremony to welcome the people who have finished the countdown.