- series of postcard.

We know, communication can be hard, and misunderstanding are not avoidable. When we try to talk about implosion. We could hardly agree on what it might be. How it might look like etc. Also the feeling connect to implosion is, maybe like any other feeling, how to mediate or communicate to another person. So we thought about the form, that juxtapose this inability to communicate. A form that is made for communication but without conflicts and disagreement—the postcard.

The postcard comes as a small form, it is a medium known almost everywhere, it comes with an image in the front, as well as an empty space to write, and the empty space for the receiver’s address. And most important, it doesn’t ask for an answer. Which is a rare thing to find nowadays. In our series of postcards, we combine five images, related to the term implosion, with the questions that approach implosion from different aspects, and the typical empty space on the back of the postcard. The color lamination adds an extra layout alienation to the images. And this combination of an uncomplicated daily used form, a slightly disturbing image, as well as an unanswered question. We provide a medium to share uncomfortable, complicated or unexpressive thoughts and feelings.

Now we would like to ask you, to take this already stamps postcard, and use them. You can use them in the proposed way, or which way you like to.

text written by Isabel Gatzke.
06.2019. Zürich.